This year Verdensballetten celebrates its 10-year anniversary. We mark this with a spectacular show that will challenge and animate the audience – newcomers as well as experienced, youngsters as well as elders – with both new and well known elements from both the classic and the modern display from the world of ballet, opera and classic pieces of music.

Danish presenter and tenor Jens-Christian Wandt will lead our audience through the different genres and make sure that everyone in the audience takes part in the show. This coming summer the anniversary tour will be guesting a total of six spectacular locations in Denmark and Germany with ballet dancers from three of the world’s most famous ballet companies such as The Royal Ballet of London, The Mariinskij Ballet St. Petersburg and The Staatsballet Berlin. Danish opera singers and international musicians will complement the dancers.

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Verdensballetten has danced in special selected locations across Denmark and abroad since 2008, offering audiences light and unpretentious performances with a world-class level of artistry. The artists are all international stars who can normally be experienced on the world’s most renowned ballet stages. Whether guests are ballet enthusiasts or newcomers, Verdensballetten is truly a must-see show for all.  

Our audience say:

The reason why Skagen is still the spot, where picturesque nature merges with world-class cultural experiences, is largely because of Jens-Christian Wandt. With his enthusiasm and international network, he has transformed these summer ballet performances under the evening sun at the Sand-Covered Church into unforgettable moments for both the town’s citizens and their guests from near and far.
Jens Christian Grøndahl, Copenhagen, Author



The show starts accurately and lasts about 2 hours, including a break. In case of arrival later than the time stated, we kindly refer to the seats in the back rows.

As The World Ballet performs outside, minor deviations in the display of the seating chart from the ticket system and the actual seating on location may occur. The ticket will always be equivalent to the price category purchased, but changes in row or seat number might happen. Always remember warm clothing, blankets and potentially a rain coat, as the World Ballet takes place in open air throughout the tour.

Regarding ticket changes as well as weather-related challenges concerning the show, please refer to our “terms and conditions”.